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Maggie x Forman Litter

**Field-Bred Puppies--Hunt Tests, Field Trials, SAR, Tracking, Obedience, Hunting, Agility, Therapy, Dock Jumping, and Pets
Puppies due approximately November 10th! Going to homes approximately Dec. 29th.
(Puppies will be whelped, raised, sold, and guaranteed by Chuck Deckert of Dolton, SD.)
These puppies will be talented! Maggie is a Dreya x Otter daughter, so this is a combination of some great talent and will be extremely suitable for field trials, hunt tests, obedience, tracking, hunting, agility, therapy, and pets. Forman is getting close to consistently finishing All-Age Stakes. This breeding will produce extremely trainable pups that are going to be a joy to have with a ton of talent! Puppies will be dark gold (red) in color and approximately 55-70 lbs. as adults. This is a repeat breeding--the first litter turned out as expected.



DOB: 08/31/2009
Registration: AKC SR84731108
Hip clearance: OFA GR-118519G27F-VPI
Elbow clearance: OFA GR-EL38337F27-VPI
Cardiac clearance: OFA GR-ACA762/27F-VPI
Eye clearance: OFA GR-EYE11850/27F-VPI
CHIC# 119786
prcd-PRA: Clear
PRA1: Clear
Ichthyosis: Carrier

DOB: 12/23/2009
Registration: AKC SR60305403
Hip clearance: OFA GR-105804G28M-VPI
Elbow clearance: OFA GR-EL26635M28-VPI
Cardiac clearance: OFA GR-CA22529/31M/C-VPI
Eye clearance: OFA GR-EYE5491/85M-VPI
CHIC# 84209
prcd-PRA: Clear
PRA1: Clear
Ichthyosis: Carrier



Forman's Page

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Litter Highlights

Forman [FC AFC Steeplehill Ranger OS FDHF x Topbrass Dixie Chick MH WCX OD] is a great performance dog with exceptional marking ability, winning the Open at the National Golden Retriever Specialty in 2016. As a 6-month-old he was able to do 250-300 yard marks and earned his junior hunt title the weekend he turned 7 months and became Qualified All-Age at 2 1/2. His strong suits, besides his marking, are his athleticism and intense drive--he loves to retrieve and train! At the same time he is extemely easy to have around the house and yard and loves people. He is currently competing in Open and Amateur competitions. He is competitive in all-breed trials, earning a JAM in an 89-dog Open in Morris, MN!! He is an extremely strong retriever and passes that on to his puppies.

Maggie is a beautiful female that is a wonderful pet. She loves people, is eager to learn, loves retrieving birds, and is trainable. A great combination for someone who loves to have a dog with that Golden personality but talent and intelligence.

We expect these puppies to be excellent retrievers, especially in the water; great markers; and exceptional hunting companions, while still being extremely trainable, sociable, and loving.

Price is $2500.

The puppy price is $2500 which reflects the quality of breeding; the resources we have invested in training, trialing, and testing our dogs; our continual attention to health clearances; and improvement of our breeding stock. We strive for quality--carefully selecting our breedings. We will do our best to steer you to the breeding that will best meet your needs; our breedings are geared towards all-purpose dogs, but because of the various characteristics and genetics of our dogs, some of our breedings may lend themselves to being extremely strong field trial litters.We require a deposit of $300 to reserve puppies in advance of whelping or after litter is born to ensure you are on the final list.

Fill out the Puppy Application and submit.
Price includes the following:
**Individual Socialization 5-7 weeks of age
**Daily activities as allowed--problem solving, tunnels, obstacles, tall grass, water
**Exposure to birds
**Photos to new puppy owners
**Nail clipping, bathing, early care
* Dew claw removal/vet checks/first shots

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