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News Article Dec. 3, 2013 in Echo/Press, West Central Tribune, and Fargo Forum

Dixon earns a 4th at WCMRC FT in June 2017. He now has 4 Derby points!!

Lowry earns her 2nd Senior Hunt Test pass and Dixon earns his first Senior Hunt Test pass!!


Forman earns his Master Hunter title in May 2017 at the Southern MN RC Hunt test.. Clean test with no handles!!

Dixon earns a 2nd in the Derby at the CMRC FT in May 2017

Dreya becomes Qualified All-Age!!! Dreya took first at the Owner/Handler Qualifying at the Alamo Retriever Club in D'Hanis, TX



Nora earns a Senior pass in her very first Hunt Test at the Alamo RC in D'Hanis, TX


Forman and Dreya earn Master passes at Duluth Hunt Test. Forman is 3/3 and it was Dreya's first pass.

Dixon Jams the first Derby he runs at 13 months old!!


Article in Golden Retriever News March/April 2016

Otter and Ty earn a 3rd Place in the Open at Brazosport RC FT, April 2016 and earns another All-Age Pt.

Otter and Todd earn an Amateur JAM at the Piney Woods FT in Texas, April 2016

Otter is the only Golden Retriever to compete at National Retriever Championship in Corning, CA. Otter and Ty complete 5th series!!

Golden Retriever Club of America National Specialty: Dreya earns her WCX title and a Qualifying JAM!

Golden Retriever Club of America National Specialty: Lowry earns her WCX title and Qualifying JAM!


Golden Retriever Club of America National Specialty: Rosie earns her WCX title and a Derby JAM!!


Owner/Handler placing highest in the GRCA National Specialty FT


Winner of Open All-Age Stake at the GRCA National Specialty if owned by member of GRCA.

Otter and Benita win the Golden Retriever Club of America National Specialty Open!!! He qualifies for the National Retriever Championships!!

Rosie earns a 4th place in the Derby at Duluth Retriever Club!!

Blue earns a 4th place in the Derby at NDRC!!

Bailey earns her Master Hunt Title at Rice Creek Hunt Test in May 2015!!

Forman JAMs an 89-dog Open in Morris, MN in May 2015.

Dave Rorem with Otter and Forman.

Otter earns a 2nd place in an 82-dog Open at the Bluebonnet Field Trial in Texas. He now has all-age points toward his FC title!!!!

Lowry earns a JAM in the Derby at MFTA Field Trial in Princeton, MN.

Dreya ties for the most Derby points earned by a Golden female in 2014!!!

Handler: Tim Springer of Dyanamic Retrievers. Photos Courtesy of Dynamic Retrievers


Otter earns a JAM in the Open at Brazosport Field Trial in April 2015, at West Nebraska Field Trial and MFTA Field Trial in May 2015!!

He is consistently finishing Opens!!



Misty earns Senior Hunt Title!!

Bailey earns a Master Hunt pass at West Central MN RC and Northern Flight RC. One more and she is a Master Hunter.

Otter JAMS 89 Dog Open and Finishes Another Open


Dreya places 3rd in NW Iowa Derby!!!!

Bailey earns another Master Hunt Pass. She now has 3 legs of her title.



Forman makes it to third series of Open--Getting close to finishing an Open!!!

Cappy (Lisa x Fisher) who is training with Capable Canines of Wisconsin as a Service Dog

Scout and Jet (Lisa x Fisher) who are also training with Capable Canines of Wisconsin as Service Dogs


2013 Golden Retriever National Specialty

Open: Forman JAM & Otter Final Series
Amateur: Forman & Otter both to water series
Qualifying: Otter 2nd--QAA!!!
Derby: Dreya 3rd series
Puppy: Lowry JAM
WCX: Misty Title
Misty, Otter, Lowry, Dreya, and Forman
Our new kennel facility is complete!!


**Otter Reserve JAM in Qualifying at Sooner Trial in Oklahoma

**Forman and Dave Rorem made it to the third series of the Open All-Age at the Labrador Retriever Club in Onaway, MI  


**Otter and Todd earned a 4th place in the Qualifying at MFTA
**Lisa and Todd earned a Derby JAM at Minot, ND.  
**Otter and Benita earned his Master Hunt Title at Glyndon, MN and a Reserve JAM in the Qualifying at Minot, ND.
**Forman and Todd made it to the third series of the Amateur All-Age at Minot, ND


Thunderstruck dogs had a great weekend at Hennepin County Hunt Test: Misty earned her first Senior pass and Bailey earned her first Master pass (handled by Todd) and Otter earned his 4th Master pass (handled by Benita).


**Misty earned her first Senior Hunt pass.

**Forman is training at Rorem Retrievers and is competing in Open All-Age. Benita earned Most Improved Handler at the Dave Rorem seminar in Littlefork, MN.




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