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Puppies from Previous Litters

Please post current pictures and videos of your Thunderstruck puppies on our Thunderstruck Facebook page. We love seeing the puppies/dogs!!!!

Fenway (Bailey x Otter 2013)

Cooper (Bailey x Otter 2014)

Dagr (Dreya x Otter 2014) and Thor (Misty x Forman 2015)

Trax (Dreya x Otter 2015)

Molly (Misty x Forman 2015)

Video of water enty at 17 weeks!!

Rio (Bailey x Otter 2013)

Jazz (Dreya x Otter 2015)

Kaya (Bailey x Forman 2015)


Video of water entry at 10 weeks!!

Django (Bailey x Otter 2013)

Mizz (Bailey x Otter 2014)

Ziggy (Dreya x Otter 2014) earns 3rd place in Puppy Stakes!!

Cooper (Bailey x Forman 2015)

Atticus (Dreya x Otter 2014)

Dagr (Dreya x Otter 2014)

Ruby (Dreya x Otter 2014)

Trigger (Dreya x Otter 2014)

Learning to Track Video

Ember (Bailey x Otter 2014)

Earns her first Junior Hunt Test pass!!

Wrigley (Bailey x Otter 2013)

Lakota (Dreya x Otter 2014)

Remy (Bailey x Otter 2013)

Nayeli (Bailey x Otter 2013)

Dude (Bailey x Otter 2014)

Maggie (Bailey x Otter 2013)

Piper (Bailey x Otter 2013)


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