Thunderstruck Retriever Purchase Agreement and Warranty

This warranty covers puppy up until 26 months of age. The warranty only covers hereditary defects for which dam and sire have been tested, i.e. hips, elbows, eyes, heart, and thyroid and hereditary problems precluding it to be nonfunctional or not breedable. It does not cover accidental deaths.

If buyer decides for any reason that he/she cannot keep their Thunderstruck dog, we MUST be notified and given first right to buy back the said dog. If buyer is not happy with his new puppy it can be returned to Thunderstruck within one week for a replacement of equal value or the full refund of purchase price minus the deposit. Buyer is responsible for all costs associated with the pup's return.

Puppies are sold on a Limited Registration which means that litters produced by the dog may not be registered with the AKC.If you decide you would like Full registration, you must submit the following health clearances to Thunderstruck Retrievers: OFA hips, elbows, and thyroid; OFA eye clearances from a certified ophthalmologist; and cardiac clearance from a canine cardiologist.

Thunderstruck puppies may not be bred to other breeds to produce popular crosses like Goldendoodles. Full registration will not be granted. By signing this contract you are agreeing to these terms and that cross breeds will not be produced.

In the event that a Thunderstruck dog is suspected of having a hereditary defect, this is the procedure to follow:
1. Notify us by telephone, letter, text, or email.
2. Submit hip x-rays to OFA (We do NOT honor or support Penn Hip readings-AKC only recognizes the OFA as a registry)

We also require that you send us a copy of the x-ray, or send us a copy of the ophthalmologist eye exam, or other test results that confirm the defect. If an unexpected death occurs and is suspected to be hereditary, an autopsy must be performed in order for warranty to be valid.

If the dog cannot obtain a normal hip,elbow, heart, thyroid, or eye certification, or has a hereditary problem precluding it to be nonfunctional or not breedable, then to qualify for a replacement:

The dog must be returned to us in good health within 10 days of identifying the genetic condition, or if the problem warrants the dog must be put to sleep by your veterinarian, and a letter from him stating that he has done so must be sent to us.

The entire purchase price of any dog covered by this warranty may be applied to a puppy from the next available Thunderstruck litter of your choice if the said dog/puppy is returned to us. If you decide to keep the dog, see below.


To be covered by our Warranty:

1 The dog must have THUNDERSTRUCK as the Prefix of its AKC Registered name before it turns 24 months old.

2. The dog must be owned by the original buyer as stated on the Puppy Adoption Application and not have changed owners.

3. The dog must not have whelped or sired a litter.

4. The dog must be under 26 months of age.

If you opt to keep the dog, we require a Veterinarian's written proof of neutering. Following this procedures, you are entitled to another Thunderstruck puppy for one-half the current purchase price. Seller does NOT pay veterinary fees, or any other associated costs such as shipping, OFA fees etc.

I have read and understand the above and agree to abide by same.Buyer's Name


Seller: Todd and Benita Otterness

Todd and Benita Otterness
Thunderstruck Retrievers
8961 Teal Trail SW
Lowry, MN 56349