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2024 Planned Litters


Reserve puppies early as litters sell fast. Litter dates are approximate based on past heat cycles of females and are not guaranteed. Studs for litters are anticipated and are subject to change based on avaiability. Please fill out the online puppy application to initiate process. Deposits will be refunded up until litters are whelped.

2024 Summer/Fall Litters

Puppies born July 4, 2024--2 Males!! Puppies will be ready to go home around August 22, 2024. $3800 SOLD

Tina x Angus

Breeding expected to take place approximately July/Aug. 2024 with puppies born Oct./Nov. 2024 and going home around Dec 2024/Jan 2025 . $3800 Full--Not accepting anymore deposits!

Blaze x Sniper

Breeding expected to take place approximately Nov/Dec 2024 with puppies born Feb. 2025 and going home around April of 2025.

Stacy x Sniper

Breeding expected to take place approximately Nov/Dec 2024 with puppies born Feb. 2025 and going home around April of 2025.

Denver x Archer

Breeding expected to take place approximately Nov/Dec 2024 with puppies born Feb. 2025 and going home around April of 2025.


If these litters are not the right time for you, but you are interested in litters from Forman, Otter, Angus, Archer, and Sniper other breeders may be using them as stud dogs. These litters may be listed below if there are any.


From our customers:
Hello! Just wanted to let you know Gib is doing great in her new home! She could sit after the first day, has been walking a mile a day on a lead with big sis, who keeps her on the left, since 7 weeks, retrieves and water retrieves like a champ, loves to boat and jump off the dock and she LOVES her big sister, Vegas!!! We LOVE her, too! Such a great pup! Just wanted to let you know what she's been up to and sure you are not shocked to hear all she can do! Thank you for such an amazing puppy and pick up experience! We really appreciate the time you spent with us! We are already talking about another one from you in 3 or 4 years! Thanks again! Ty and Karen Currier

I wanted to tell you how much we have enjoyed Ember. She is everything you had promised us she would be. I can take her from hunting training with me to agility training with our 11 year old daughter and she doesn't skip a beat. I train almost daily with her and she has never been overwhelmed as she is always eager to please [video of Ember (Otter puppy) training for agility].

I haven't found much that she is afraid to do, from gunshots, to birds to agility obstacles, she is willing to do what we ask. Her tail is always wagging and she loves to meet people and other dogs. We hear a lot of comments on what a good looking dog she is because of her curly and thick reddish coat. I am looking forward to duck hunting with her this fall, I know she will make a wonderful hunting companion.

Erron B.

We absolutely love our puppy, now two years old, that we got from Thunderstruck Retrievers. Cooper has been through two pheasant hunting seasons and has been quick to learn tracking pheasants and retrieving. He has been a friendly, outgoing, curious, and energetic hunter and companion. We regularly get compliments about what a beautiful golden retriever he is.

Chris and Christine Olson

Maggie has been a joy. Very smart and a great natural hunter. Very athletic. Great with people and other dogs. She loves everybody. I will get my next dog from Thunderstruck Retrievers.

Rick Brink

We found the perfect dog! Rio - is loving, obedient, patient and always willing to learn. She spends many hours at the dog park or playing with other dogs. She's gentle with puppies and loves to play with all dogs. She also loves humans. Always greeting people with her tail wagging! Everyone loves Rio!

She has been a great hunter...hard working in the field. Strong, with great endurance. Another favorite pastime is jumping off the dock to retrieve a ball. She just loves to play and get exercise! She LOVES to be outside. Yet - she is a wonderful indoor dog!

We couldn't have asked for a better dog........willing to do anything and everything! We LOVE her.

Jim, Julie and Sarah Stark

I am a dog lover who likes to do a bit of everything, not a competition guy or training perfectionist, so my opinion probably does not fit the typical Thunderstruck client base. That being said, Ms. Nayeli is my perfect dog. Great family dog with that wonderful “golden” personality, yet has that second gear when I want to take her out and hike or hunt.

Jeff Verdoorn

Our two puppies from Thunderstruck are amazing. So smart, loyal and athletic. I've never had dogs with such great personalities. They are such a joy and always get compliments on our guys.

J. Fagerlind

Piper and I did a South Dakota pheasant trip last fall, her first. At 18 months old she shined in the field like my past goldens did at 4-5 years old. She watched and learned from the two old timer labs until she had the rhythm of the group . One particular retrieve of a winged rooster led her across 2 fences 400 yards away never taking her eyes off the bird. She returned back to me avoiding fresh fields as directed by whistle, bird in mouth. The local guide and sheriff was in awe. She tracks birds in the air at home in her free time. And such a strong female golden for 58 lbs. We love this dog

Dave Wilson

My wife requested a golden retriever be our next dog after two of our hunters passed away. We chose a male puppy from Thunderstruck Retrievers and have been extremely happy him. He has been a terrific family pet growing up, a partner to our older lab, and the best athlete I have ever seen in the field, both upland and wetland. He is patient when he needs to be and masterful on retrieves of downed birds. He marks extremely well, takes hand signals when necessary. He's got the whole package and he's only two years old. I would recommend Thunderstruck to anyone looking for a family pet that can really hunt.

Doug Smith
Spring Park, MN

We specialize in competitive field and hunt test Golden Retrievers, and our dogs performance and pedigrees support that. The Golden Retriever puppies we produce are ready to learn. With our socialization program, you will be getting a puppy that is immediately eager to become a part of your family. You will be amazed! Contact us by phone or email to discuss upcoming litters and possibly reserve your pup.

Puppy Buyer Information

Our puppies are carefully raised: receiving early neurological stimulation, well-balanced socialization, and exposure to birds and crates. They are individually stimulated daily from 3-16 days. As they grow they will be problem-solving, playing, interacting with people of all ages, exercising, and beginning retrieving when ready. We are true believers of the benefits of early individual stimulation and socialization to maximize puppy potential.

These puppies will act as if they have been part of your home from the moment they transition from our home to yours. Pups experiencing these early benefits grow into mature, well-adjusted adult dogs. Before leaving Thunderstruck Retrievers, we do final testing and evaluating of our puppies using behavioral methods to best determine which puppies match with which prospective homes and to make final puppy placements.

We feel strongly about placing puppies in homes that best match their behaviors, personalities, and potential rather than having a "pick of the litter" system. Because of the stimulation, socialization, and exposure all of our puppies receive from an early age, starting at Day 3, all puppies are highly desirable. We determine puppy placements (decide to which homes each is going) at approximately 6 1/2 weeks of age after observations and testing that analyzes areas such as retrieving, sensitivity, dominance, etc.; thus, it is important for clients to fill out the puppy application in its entirety and give us as much information as you can. We want you to be happy with the puppy we place in your home.

Choosing the right puppy for you is an important decision that lasts the life time of the dog, and we are available to ensure you have the information you need to make that choice. We would like to give you as much information as possible and answer any questions you have. You may also fill out and submit a puppy application form. Another useful reference in your choice is the Golden Retriever Club of America.

Puppy Application Form

All puppies come with the following:

Individual stimulation from birth to 16 days  
Individual Socialization from 5 to 7 weeks Wormed
Written Health Guarantee DHAPP vaccination
Microchipped AKC Litter Registration
Veterinarian Examination Eukanuba Puppy Starter Kit



Our new kennel facility is a great place for dogs and puppies to flourish. We have in-floor heat and air-exchangers to keep the dogs comfortable and healthy, two large whelping/puppy rooms with additional play areas for puppies to explore, socialize, and problem solve to stimulate early brain and social development, and living space so we can be with puppies 24/7 during and after whelping, and easily washable floors and walls for cleanliness and sterilization. Outside we have a large airing yard for puppies to play safely

Whelping Room
Puppy Play Area
Room Outdoors to Play

(Click on image above to play video.)

Price and Deposit

The puppy price is listed on each breeding's page and reflects the quality of breeding; the resources we have invested in training, trialing, and testing our dogs; our continual attention to health clearances; and improvement of our breeding lines. Because we strive for quality, we carefully select our breedings. Our litters sell for $3500-$4000 depending on the breeding and potential of the puppies.

We will do our best to steer you to the breeding that will best meet your needs; our breedings are geared towards all-purpose dogs, but because of the various characteristics and genetics of our dogs, some of our breedings may lend themselves to being extremely strong field trial litters or more suitable as pet only litters.

We require a deposit of $300 to reserve puppies in advance of whelping to ensure you are on the final list.

The puppies we sell are AKC registered with the "Thunderstruck" prefix. Puppies are sold under limited registration until buyers have proof of health clearances for hip, elbow, heart, and eyes, at which time full registration will be transferred.Our health guarantee is null and void if the registered name does not begin with the "Thunderstruck" prefix.

Puppy Warranty

Getting Your Puppy

We prefer if you are able to come to Thunderstruck Retrievers when taking your puppy home so that we are able to go through information with you. We do understand that sometimes this is not an option for some buyers because of distance and timing. For an additional cost of $100 (292 miles round trip), we will take the puppy to the Minneapolis airport to meet you (if you choose to fly the puppy back in a carry-on crate with you). We are unable to ship puppies in cargo at this time.
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